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Your Home Is A Music Venue.

Ever Thought It Could Be? Pause. Thinking It Should Be, Now?

If you have the space then you should consider it. Seriously. Why not? It'll be one time. Just one night and it could easily be done, too. 

No biggie!

Look, here's how it works. It's simple.

  1. Invite some friends for food and drinks. Always a good time, right? 
  2. Invite me for food and drinks.

Well, let's make this party happen! It's Showtime.

So.  Book your own House Concert today!

And, one more thing - 

Grab that handy marker that I'll be using to sign your…CDs with after the show.

Yes, exactly, that one.

And now, let's do a quick scan down that good ol' "Bucket List"…And…Bam!

Scratch that off the list!

Man, I love win-wins. Love Life!

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