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The art of vocal versatility...


The art of the performance...


The art of expression through graphemes...

Your Home Is A Music Venue.

Have You Ever Wanted That?

If you have the space within or on the property of your home then I encourage you to seriously consider & host your very own House Concert.

A House Concert is a favorite of mine. 

It's a one of a kind, up-close & personal, intimate setting with a melodic experience that you, your Guests & myself will always remember.

It creates those "moments" & memories.

So, here's how it works:

  1. Create your VIP Guest List.
  2. Invite your VIP's to enjoy some food, drinks & a private House Concert.  
  3. Invite me to enjoy some food & drinks.
  4. A House Concert begins...

Well, Let's Make This Happen!!

Host your own House Concert today!

And, before I forget—  

Grab that handy marker--yes, the one I'll be signing those "CDs" with at your show-- and take out that good ol' "Bucket List" from your pocket. Now, let's happily make a check mark next to "Host my own House Concert with Devan Bolding for VIP Guests". Boom!

Man, I love win-wins. Love Life!

Let's share our gifts with one another.

Your contribution will help by providing aid to and for my artistic growth as I continue on this incredible and blessed journey. From promotional, marketing and travel expenses while sharing my gift with other awesome and wonderful people in our world; to perfecting and creating more art with other artists; and, to enhance the overall quality of each of my solo performances and self-produced annual concerts, your financial gift makes an amazing difference. I can't do it without your help and love. So, thank you for showing your support through your gift which encourages and enables me to share my gift with the rest of the world. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and may you be blessed. ;0) Be Yourself & Love Life! 

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